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Graduating Teacher Education Senior Wins Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship

Hannah Hartung
Hannah Hartung has been interested in teaching abroad since 2019. She was preparing to teach in Spain last year when COVID-19 changed her plans. Then, Hartung graduated from the College of Education in 2020 and began working at a Montessori school while she adjusted to the sudden shift.

Hartung learned about the Fulbright Assistantship from a friend who was also interested in teaching abroad and she began the application process in October of 2020. The application included a personal statement explaining how she fits into the Fulbright program and a mission statement to delineate her goals for her time abroad.

Three recommendations, a transcript, and a few other administrative items later, Hannah was interviewed by a campus committee composed of DePaul faculty who helped her to edit the essays and ensure everything was fit to submit. This interview is a way for students to demonstrate that they have a well-crafted application and are prepared for overseas study. Hartung described this interview as “very helpful because I was very lost.” She continued, “They were able to guide me towards what’s expected and helped me adapt my essays.”

Now that Hartung’s been approved for the Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship, she is required to complete the Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEAFL) certificate as well as complete medical requirements, book her tickets, and obtain a work VISA.

Hartung will begin her month-long orientation in Tempe, Taiwan before the 2021-2022 school year and will reside in Tempe for 11 months total. Hartung is most excited to learn from the experiences, culture, and people during her time abroad. While Hannah currently has a rudimentary understanding of Mandarin, she hopes to take a course in the native language over the summer to prepare for her new role.

As for her future, Hartung plans to eventually further her education with a master’s degree in Educational Psychology. For now, though, Hartung says she is extremely grateful to be where she is and has learned to just “go with the flow,” after this past year.