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College of Education Establishes COE Appeal Fund Scholarship

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Following the onset of the global pandemic, the College of Education’s staff, faculty, and administration worked together to support students during this extraordinary time. While following the university administration’s guidance for shifting to working and learning remotely, the College of Education encountered challenges that are unique to the field of education. COE efforts to overcome these hurdles have proven to benefit students. Assistance has materialized in many different ways—informal conversations about mental health, Dean Zionts’ office hours, additional guidance for student teachers, and opportunities for checking in and staying connected. But creative support of these kinds, while invaluable, does not necessarily address the financial strain that has been placed on countless students throughout the pandemic. 

Throughout his tenure as dean of the College of Education, Dean Zionts has explored ways to create new funding opportunities for students. He established the quarterly Student Teaching Scholarship, which provides funds to students who are in classrooms full-time and are unable to work as a result. Dean Zionts understands that the demands future educators and counselors face are unlike those of other students who are preparing for their future careers in other fields. It can be difficult to navigate these requirements and associated costs while also coping with the grief and trials of the pandemic, as well as other major life events that unfold.

With the variety of licensure exams, registration fees, and other education-specific costs, many students have reached out to the College for guidance on additional funding. While there are emergency funds available to students at the university-level, the College’s administration, faculty, and staff all shared a longing for more for COE students. Fortunately, Dean Zionts and the COE’s Budget Office and Advancement staff members were able to identify funds to set aside for any COE student who self-identifies their need. Through this fund, students receive some much-deserved relief, and the College can learn more about the different financial struggles that students face so that faculty and staff can better understand and offer support. In addition, students with extraordinary need will be identified and connected to the proper channels to see about ways the university can help them push through their time of need. 

The scholarship has no established deadline, and students will be served through the spring quarter. While there is an essay component to the scholarship application, it serves as a method for students to self-identify their need; as such, writing composition will not be a factor in determining assistance, as in traditional awards with a merit component. The goal of this fund is simple: to provide aid to students in need, ASAP. To apply for the COE Student Appeal Fund Scholarship, visit this page on Scholarship Connect. Please reach out to Sarah Magnuson at with any questions.