Middle School Mindset

The Middle School Mindset

Are these really the worst years of our lives?

Erik Martinez (BS in Elementary Education)

​Graduate Aims to Shape Bilingual Education

Class of 2016: College of Education's Erik Martinez​

Special Education (MEd)

Special Education (MEd)

​​​​​​​​A critical need for qualified special education teachers at both a local and national level has emerged. Be prepared to fulfill this need and teach students with exceptionalities in kindergarten through 12th grade.

Good News

Donna Kiel, Director, and Brennan Palmer, Assistant Director of OIPL, worked with MindXplorer to facilitate two professional development training experiences involving DePaul faculty traveling to Beijing, China to facilitate teacher professional development.  Liliana Zecker, doctoral student Melissa Bradford, adjunct faculty Brenda Kraber, and DePaul consultant Nicole MacMillan made up the most recent team who provided two weeks of engaged learning experiences for teachers.​

Rachel Harper was recognized as the artist in residence at the Art Institute of Chicago, the first recipient of this honor from DePaul University. ​

Sarah Brown and DePaul colleagues Michelle Navarre Cleary, Kathryn Wozniak, and Julie Bokser presented “Identifying and Eliciting Students’ Metacognitive Development" at the Conference on College Composition and Communication in Houston, TX. ​


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Celebrating Teachers

Celebrating Teachers Event Photo

The College of Education is honoring teachers who have significantly impacted the lives of DePaul seniors. These videos offer a poignant, personal thanks that students offered, and give insight as to why these honoree teachers choose to teach and what advice they offer those new to the profession.