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Frequently Asked Questions

I've heard the terms "content area test" and "subject matter knowledge". What is the difference?

​They are referring to the same test. The terms are interchangeable.

Do I need a substitute license to sub right after student teaching?


No. You can substitute teach with your regular teaching license.

Gradua​te Students

Possibly. If you want to substitute teach during the few weeks after student teachign ends and before you get your regular teachign license, you will need to obtain a substitute license.

I want to be a school counselor. Do I have to get a teaching license?

No,​ but you will have to take coursework in addition to what is required for applicants who do have a teaching license.

Does my Professional Educators License (PEL) expire?

Yes, your license does expire. Please visit the ISBE website for more information.​

If I am licensed in Illinois, can I teach in other states?

There is not a national license. Please visit the Cross State Certification Guide for more information.​