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Licensure Exams & Requirements

DePaul offers programs in the following areas:

  • English as a Second Language (ESL) 
  • Early Childhood (Birth-3)
  • Elementary (K-9)
  • Bilingual Education (BE)
  • Secondary Education (9-12) 
    • Art
    • English
    • Math
    •  Social Science & History
    • Sciences
  • Physical Education (K-12)
  •  Special Education (K-12)
  • World Languages (K-12)
  • Reading Specialist (K-12)
  • School Counseling (K-12)
  • Principal (K-12)
  • Superintendent
  • *Music - offered through the School of Music (K-12)

Important Licensure Information

Licensure Officers

We have three  licensure officers at the College of Education:

1. Dr. James Wolfinger
Associate Dean / Associate Professor
(773) 325-4290

2. Nancy Hashimoto
Director of Advising/ Licensure Officer
(773) 325-4325

3. Alexa Walsh
Associate Director of Advising/ Licensure Officer
(773) 325-8354


I've heard the terms content area test and subject matter knowledge. What’s the difference?

They are referring to the same test. The terms are interchangeable.

Do I need a substitute license to sub right after student teaching?

  • Undergraduates: No. You can substitute teach with your regular teaching license.
  • Grad students: Possibly. If you want to substitute teach during the few weeks after student teaching ends and before you get your regular teaching license, you will need a sub license.

I want to be a school counselor. Do I have to get a teaching license?

No, but you will have to take coursework in addition to what is required for applicants who do have a teaching license.

Does my license expire?

Yes, your license does expire. Please visit ISBE for more information.

If I am licensed in Illinois am I licensed in other states?

No, there is not a national license. Please visit the Cross State Certification Guide for more information.