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Professional Educator License (PEL) and Endorsements

Professional Educator License (PEL)

Upon successful completion of the Illinois State Board of Education's (ISBE's) requirements, DePaul may entitle eligible individuals to an Illinois Professional Educator License (PEL).

Entitlement requirements for the PEL:

  • Successfully completed an approved educator preparation program and are recommended for licensure by the Illinois institution offering the educator preparation program, including:
    • Coursework in the following areas: cross-categorical methods, reading methods and reading in the content area; and
    • Student teaching (teachers) or internship (administrative and school support personnel)
  • Successfully completed all testing requirements.
  • All professional education and content-area coursework required for issuance of an Illinois license, endorsement, or approval must have been passed with a grade of "C" or its equivalent.  (C minus is not considered a C)
  • Met all other criteria established by rule of the State Board of Education.

Endorsements are added to a Professional Educator License (PEL) upon successful completion of state requirements. Endorsements indicate your role as an educator and the subjects and grades you are eligible to teach.  All endorsements have specific requirements of courses, hours and tests. Please see the following guide for further information: Licensure Update: November 2013. For more information please visit the ISBE Subsequent Teaching Endorsements site.

Highly Qualified and No Child Left Behind
To be highly qualified in a licensure or endorsement area you must either pass the content area test in that subject or complete HOUSSE (for veteran teachers). Many schools are now requiring their teachers to have highly qualified status to be employed, so if you are pursuing an endorsement area it is a good idea to take the content area test in that subject. Additional information is available on the ISBE Highly Qualified Website.

Substitute Teacher Licensure

In Illinois, you must have at least a bachelor's degree to become a substitute teacher. You may apply through the Educator Licensure Information System (ELIS) for a substitute teaching license. Application for a substitute license currently costs $100 (plus $10 yearly registration fee) and requires the application form and official transcripts. Note that once you earn your teaching license, you can be employed as a substitute teacher without possessing a substitute teaching license. Please visit ISBE's website for more information on substitute teacher licensure.

Chicago Public Schools (CPS) have additional requirements in order to substitute teach in their schools. Please visit the Chicago Public Schools website for more information.​