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Career Center & Employment

Whether you are searching for a career, looking for financial opportunities to support your education, or looking for ways to gain additional experiences, our goal is to provide you with a host of resources that will help you with your endeavors. We offer resources in the College of Education, across the university and in the wider community that help support your education and better prepare you for your next steps. Our Career Center is here to help you navigate the university's resources so you can network, build your resume, create professional relationships, find events, workshops and job fairs, and more. Additionally, we offer student employment opportunities including graduate assistant positions, student worker positions and other internship opportunities.

DePaul Career Resources

DePaul offers a number of resources targeted towards helping our students prepare for a career after graduation:

Specialized Career Center Programs

In addition to our traditional offerings, there is a comprehensive array of Career Center programs and resources that are tailored specifically for College of Education students including:

  1. Connect with Professionals in Counseling
    A professional development and networking event which invites counseling students interested in roles within k-12 education, community agencies and higher education to participate in roundtable discussions. 
  2. DePaul Diversity Series
    Topic-based professional development workshops which offer DePaul students a unique opportunity to critically think about trends, key topics, and best practices for issues related to diversity in education. Guest speakers will share their perspective and engage the group through presentations, discussions, and activities. 
  3. Career Workshops
    Education focused workshops highlighting best practices with resume and cover letter writing, portfolio preparation, job search and interviewing skills.
  4. Counselor Connections Series
    This series includes off-site workshops that provide students with an opportunity to meet professionals in education and social service settings to discuss topics central to counseling.
  5. The Teacher’s Lounge Workshop Series
    This series investigates trends, alternative teaching opportunities, and strategies to enrich career development through perspectives from various education professionals and settings.
  6. The Teacher’s Forum
    Offered each fall quarter, this event offers new teachers the opportunity to gain critical skills and network with principals and professionals in education through a keynote address, topic roundtables, mock interviews, and open networking.
  7. Quick Queries Workshop Series
    These in-person and virtual workshops feature open forum discussions on resume writing, cover letter, and interview skills for education and counseling students gearing up for the job searching season.
  8. Tailored Classroom Presentations
    Each quarter, tailored presentations are created for teachers, counselors, and education leadership programs focusing on resume building, portfolio preparation, job searching, networking strategies, and enriched career exploration. These presentations take place during scheduled class sessions.
  9. Beyond Boundaries Workshop
    An off-site workshop introducing teaching and counseling roles in non-traditional settings in order to expand perspectives of professional opportunities and ways to apply direct teaching and counseling skills to specialized populations.