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TAP Study Guides

Although each state has its own standards and test structure for teacher certification, many of the certification tests use the same test bank of questions. This makes the study guides and practice tests below a useful resource to test your knowledge. Please keep in mind that the ICTS study guide is the only resource for Illinois test standards and structure.

Recommended Websites

  • Khan Academy: An excellent resource that covers a variety of specific topics, including math. It includes videos to learn the material and then practice questions. It also includes test preparation materials for several exams, including the SAT.
    Visit Khan Academy
  • Longsdale Publishing: A great resource when studying for the TAP. It includes full length tests for the math, language arts, and reading sections of the TAP. After the tests are completed, basic explanations of the questions are provided as well as a score breakdown for each subarea.
    Visit Longsdale Publishing.
    Note: In order to access Brain Pop and Longsdale Publishing a password is required in order to log in. The password is available to DePaul students by emailing us at

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