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The Math subarea of the Test of Academic Proficiency (formerly the Basic Skills Test) examines students’ knowledge of basic algebra, geometry, probability and statistics. This portion of the exam consists of 50 multiple choice questions. Calculators are not permitted on the test. A formula sheet that contains conversions and formulas for perimeter, area, volume and the surface area of some basic figures is provided. Make sure that you are comfortable doing basic operations with fractions, solving proportion word problems and using the geometry formulas included with the test.

Students taking the math subtest should expect to see about ten questions each from five major skill areas:

Skill Area One. Demonstrate knowledge of integers, fractions, decimals, percents and the ability to convert from one form to another.

Skill Area Two. Utilize logic and reasoning to solve problems and patterns or to identify potential errors in an already given solution.

Skill Area Three. Solve linear equations, graphing equations, and problems involving angles and geometric formulas.

Skill Area Four. Interpret charts and tables, analyze data and an understand fundamental statistical concepts such as the mean, variance and correlation of a dataset. Probability calculations are also included in this fourth major skill area and are new to the TAP exam.

Skill Area Five. Draw upon the skills of the first four major skill areas and apply these concepts in a practical real world story problem.


The following videos walk through some common trouble areas for TAP takers.

Proportions worksheet

Online Resources

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ASC Workshops & Tutoring

Workshops. Multiple workshops are offered for each test area. See our calendar of dates and times or pick one up in person at 2247 N. Halsted, Room 270.

Tutoring. Individual assistance is available and free for students who have attended workshops and/or completed the Longsdale ICTS online course. Current DePaul students can make appointments by calling the ASC at (773) 325-1652 or emailing