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Language Arts

The Language Arts subarea of the TAP consists of 60 questions. This section is made up of short reading passages followed by multiple choice questions related to grammar, punctuation, sentence structure, word choices, and clarity of the writing. Although there are a lot of areas to study to prepare for this subarea, grammar and punctuation are often the most challenging areas for students.

Grammar, Punctuation & Structure. These questions will ask about the use of commas, colons and semi-colons, as well as sentence fragments and run-on sentences. You may also be asked about subject-verb agreement, adjectives and adverbs and correct word choices.

  • Review grammar concepts including independent and dependent clauses, and correct use of commas and apostrophes. 
  • Review the rules of grammar, spelling of tricky words (affect, effect, there, their), and subject/verb agreement. 
  • Review elements of sentence structure including fragments, run-ons and clauses.

Word Choice & Clarity of Writing. These questions will ask you to evaluate the organization and flow of the passage – this could include replacing words, changing the order of sentences and making other edits that improve the quality of writing within the passage.

Online Resources

Do you need more practice? Check out this more extensive list of online study guides and practice tests.

ASC Workshops & Tutoring

Workshops. Multiple workshops are offered for each test area. See our calendar of dates and times or pick one up in person at 2247 N. Halsted, Room 270. 

Tutoring. Individual assistance is available and free for students who have attended workshops and/or completed the Longsdale ICTS online course. Current DePaul students can make appointments by calling the ASC at (773) 325-1652 or emailing