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Test of Academic Proficiency

The Test of Academic Proficiency (formerly the Basic Skills Test) consists of 170 multiple-choice questions in reading comprehension, language arts (grammar and writing) and mathematics, and a written essay assignment. Given the high stakes nature of this test, we urge you to be prepared. Sitting repeatedly for a test will be costly.

Required for advanced standing.
Students cannot take advanced standing courses without passing this test, so take it as soon as possible:
Undergraduate Freshmen During first year at DePaul
Undergraduate Transfers During first quarter at DePaul
Graduate Students During first quarter at DePaul
Students can take this test up to 10 years prior to the issuance of a teaching certificate. Effective May 6, 2014, there will be no limit to the number of attempts for the same ILTS test. If you pass some sections but not others, you may bank the passes in those sections and not retake them. Do not repeat the test without taking measures to remediate the areas of weakness.
For more details about each section of the test and additional resources and practice tests, use the links below:

ACT/SAT in lieu of TAP

Applicants seeking admission to an approved Illinois educator preparation program can submit official ACT/SAT score reports in lieu of a passing score on the TAP.


  • Composite ACT Plus Writing score of at least 22 and a minimum 19 in Combined English/Writing; or a composite (mathematics and critical reading) SAT score of 1030 and a minimum 450 in writing. 
  • The official score report cannot be more than 10 years old at the time of application and submission to ISBE.
If you wish to apply for admission to the DePaul College of Education using an ACT/SAT score, you must complete the steps indicated below for your intended program of study:
Can't find what you are looking for? For more information, you can visit the ISBE licensure site.

Prepare for the TAP

Review the Test Framework. Start with the ILTS website. The TAP Test Framework provides information on the content covered on the basic skills test in the areas of reading comprehension, language arts, mathematics and writing. The framework is a great starting point to prepare for the test.

Take the Online Diagnostic Practice Test. The practice test also includes a tutorial on how to navigate through the practice test, how the test is scored and correct answer explanations for the multiple-choice questions.

Use the Longsdale ICTS Online Course and Practice Tests. This online course contains instruction and practice tests for the three subareas of the TAP: reading, language arts and mathematics. Instructions for registering for this course and practice test are available from the ASC in COE 270.

Use This math-specific online program offers a basic skill pretest, along with video tutorials to review weak areas, and a basic skills post test.

Register for the TAP. Registration for the TAP can be found on the ILTS website.  The Register Now tab will take you to a screen where you can create an account or log in if you already have an ILTS account. Then you can choose the test you need to take as well as a test location and time.

Online Resources

Attached can be found the TAP Guide that provides an overview of the TAP test.

Do you need more practice? Check out this more extensive list of online study guides and practice tests.

ASC Workshops & Tutoring

Workshops. Multiple workshops are offered for each test area and are available for all DePaul College of Education students to attend. See our flyer for the dates and times or pick one up in person at 2247 N. Halsted Street, Room 270. 

Tutoring. Individual assistance is available and free for all DePaul College of Education students who have attended workshops and/or completed the Longsdale ICTS online course. Current DePaul students can make appointments by calling the ASC at (773) 325-1652 or emailing