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Test of Academic Proficiency

On August 7, 2019 Governor Pritzker signed into law the removal of the TAP test from all licensure preparation programs. This goes into effect immediately. This means that if you are currently enrolled or about to begin a program that leads to State licensure that you no longer need to complete the TAP test (or ACT/SAT equivalent) to meet licensure requirements. You can proceed with your scheduled coursework without needing to take the TAP test.

For your program at DePaul:

  • If you are already scheduled to take either the ACT or SAT test, you will need to contact the testing agency regarding cancelling the test. Neither ISBE nor DePaul has any control over fees collected or refunded.
  • If you are nearing student teaching and this has been an outstanding requirement, you should get in touch with your advisor and the student teaching office. However, note that it might not be possible to accommodate you for autumn quarter and you may need to plan for a future quarter. We are working on updates to the Degree Progress Report, College of Education website, course catalog, and various forms. Due to the volume of documents and areas that need to be changed, please be patient as we work through updating them all.

Note that the content area tests (licensure programs) and edTPA (teacher licensure) remain requirements.