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Types of Support

The staff at the Academic Success Center welcomes DePaul College of Education students who want to understand how they learn best and improve their reading, writing, math and study skills in order to be more successful in their college courses.

In addition to the list below, The Center also provides support with Illinois Licensure Test Resources to improve test-taking skills, as well as Writing Assistance Resources to become a better writer.

Individual and Group Tutoring. Concerned about your GPA? Having difficulty with one of your courses? Everybody can use a little academic support now and then! Get help with reading, writing, math or study skills. Three experienced and supportive tutors are available Monday through Friday in the ASC. Small group and 1-on-1 sessions ensure that your individual academic needs are met.

Study Strategy Consultations. Undergraduates are sometimes surprised at the differences in studying for college courses versus how they studied in high school. Teachers returning to graduate school sometimes find that advanced study is quite different than what they remember from college. The staff of the ASC can work with you individually to analyze how you study and help you adapt or improve your skills.

Learning Assessment. Do you know how you learn best? Ever wondered what your preferred learning style is? Ever felt that there was a mismatch between your learning style and a professors teaching style? The expert staff of the ASC can provide a learning assessment that will help answer these questions so you become more aware of how you learn best and can get the most out of your courses.

To schedule individual appointments, DePaul College of Education students can call the ASC at (773) 325-1652 or email us at

For a list of scheduled workshops, see the calendar.