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Advising Mission

DePaul University College of Education's Academic Advising Office is committed to engaging students through a holistic partnership focused on personalized educational and professional goals.

DePaul University's Academic Advising Office aspires to be recognized leaders in the field of advising, professional development and integrative technology in higher education. We aim to embody the university's values of Vincentian personalism that respect students' diverse backgrounds, interests and abilities.

  • We develop personal connections with students.
  • We act as a resource for students, providing accurate and timely information about curriculum, college policies and administrative procedures.
  • We develop collaborative partnerships within the COE and university community.
  • We empower students to take ownership of their education and goals.
  • We assist students in navigating the university community through appropriate referrals.
  • We implement current trends in technology into our advising services.
  • We engage in professional development and contribute to the profession.