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Advising FAQ

Whether you're just starting your academic plan or you're in your last year, there are always questions to be answered. That's why we've put together a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and answered them accordingly.

Academic advisors are assigned to specific programs. You can consult the Find Your Advisor page to learn who the academic advisor is for your program.

The Advising Office is located at 2247 N. Halsted, Suite 140. You can schedule an appointment with your academic advisor by calling our office at (773) 325-4409 or by sending an email to your academic advisor and requesting an appointment. You can also visit with your academic advisor to get answers to quick questions during walk-in advising, which takes place the first week of each quarter and the first week of registration for each term. For more information about scheduling an appointment, please consult the Appointments page.

There are a few different ways to reach your instructor. First, instructors list their contact information on the course syllabi (phone, email, office hours). Second, you may contact the department assistant to help you reach your instructor. 

For CSL, LSI, LSE,SCU, SCG courses, contact Marc Schell: or (773) 325-4228

For ECE, EE, PE, SEC, MGU, MGG or T&L courses, contact Nicole Nudo: or (773) 325-8634

For A&S, BBE, or CS courses, contact Alyssa Hepker: or (773) 325-4806

There are four different departments in the College of Education, all located at 2247 N. Halsted:

1. Counseling & Special Education
2. Leadership, Language & Curriculum
3. Teacher Education
4. Doctoral Program

DePaul considers undergraduate students who are enrolled in 12 credit hours per quarter a full-time student, while graduate students must be enrolled in 8 credit hours per quarter. However, Financial Aid may have additional requirements, therefore, please consult DePaul Central about your specific situation. 

DePaul University's course catalogs are available on the Academic Catalog website and contain archives of catalogs as far back as 1966. You can click on the course description link once you locate the academic year you are seeking.

If a class is full but has a waitlist, you can add yourself to the waitlist, and as seats open up, students on the waitlist will be automatically enrolled. When you add yourself to the waitlist, you are given a position number. Students are enrolled in open seats based on their position number. The lower the number, the higher your priority. Refer to the Guide on the Waitlist Policy or visit DePaul Central for further information.

Undergraduate Students:
Prospective undergraduates can consult the transfer guides available online.  Enter the school and then search each area to determine the DePaul equivalent course.

Graduate Students:
All COE graduate students can transfer up to 9-quarter hours (approximately two courses) from another college or university as credit toward their master's or doctoral degree requirements per the approval of the department chair or program director. All other courses must be DePaul course work. Under no circumstances can a course taken at DePaul University or at any other college or university fulfill degree requirements in more than one degree program. A course can only be counted as fulfilling the degree requirements of one degree program.  Students interested in transferring credits must fill out the Transfer & Substituion Request Form located in the forms library on the COE website. 

Please contact the department assistant of the respective course:

For CSL, LSI, LSE,SCU, SCG courses, contact Marc Schell: or (773) 325-4228

For ECE, EE, PE, SEC, MGU, MGG or T&L courses, contact Nicole Nudo: or (773) 325-8634

For A&S, BBE, or CS courses, contact Karlee Johnson: or (773) 325-4806

Students must attend a mandatory meeting approximately ONE YEAR prior to applying for Student Teaching. Dates are set per quarter and announced by Director of Student Teaching Kate Liston via email. You can also consult our college's Student Teaching page, which has an comprehensive amount of information.

The College of Education receives test results from ILTS on the scheduled score report dates. If you elected to share your results with DePaul University, we will enter your passing scores within two weeks. Please note, we do not record failed attempts.