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Advanced Standing

At DePaul you are admitted to the College of Education as a pre-teacher candidate, and you progress to an advanced standing candidate. The advanced standing requirement applies to any student seeking their first teaching license.

Pre-Teacher Candidate: During this stage, you take courses in pre-education which give you an introduction to the field of education. Undergrads should also take Liberal Studies and Learning Domain courses. Graduate students can also take general education or content area courses.

Advanced Standing Candidate: Advanced education courses require that you have advanced standing. To qualify, you must meet the requirements listed below. Registration in advanced standing courses is limited to individuals that have satisfied the requirements. It is strongly recommended that you work toward accomplishing these requirements in your first few quarters at DePaul.

Requirements for Undergraduate Students

Requirements for Graduate Students 

Resources for Advanced Standing 

Advanced Standing Guide

Advanced Standing Process

Application for Advanced Standing Form

Registration for the Test of Academic Proficiency (includes deadlines)