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Tony DeCesare

Tony DeCesare is an Instructional Assistant Professor in the department of Leadership, Language, and Curriculum. He earned his PhD in Philosophy of Education from Indiana University and joined the DePaul faculty in 2019. DeCesare’s research focuses on improving the vibrancy and inclusiveness of democratic societies through public schooling and other forms of education.

  • PhD in Philosophy of Education, Indiana University
  • MS in Ed.History and Philosophy of Education, Indiana University
  • MA in Curriculum and Instruction, Fairfield University
  • BA in English, Fairfield University
Courses Taught
Undergraduate Level Courses Taught
  • LSE 353 The Politics of Education
  • LSP 200 Seminar on Race, Power, and Resistance
Graduate Level Courses Taught
  • CS 470 Teachers as Leaders
  • CS 704 Curriculum Discourse and Perspectives over Time
  • CS 751 Curriculum for Human and Community Development
  • CS 764 Youth Development, Ideology, Culture, & Society
  • SCG 411 Philosophy of Education
  • SCG 608 Ideology, Power, and Politics
  • SCG 701 Philosophy of Ethics in Education
  • SCG 711 Culture, Power, and Education
  • SCG 775 Frameworks of Inquiry in Educational Research I

Research Interests
Philosophy and History of Education; Theories of Democracy and Citizenship; Theories of Justice; Capabilities Approach; Children's Rights and Agency

Curriculum Vitae
DeCesare CV.pdf