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Advising Staff

Nancy Hashimoto
Nancy Hashimoto
Director of Advising / Licensure Officer
(773) 325-4325
2247 N. Halsted St., Room 151

Assigned Academic Advisor For:
AUSL (ECE and Special Education)
Grad College Counseling and Student Affairs
Grad Early Childhood
Grad Preservice Special Education (PSE)
Grad Reading Specialist
Grad School Nurse
Grad Special Education for Teachers (LBS1/SET)
Grad Special & Elementary Education (SEE)
Grad Sport, Fitness and Recreational Leadership
Grad Value Creating Education for Global Citizenship
Undergrad Special Education

Stephanie Berryhill
Stephanie Berryhill
Academic Advisor
(773) 325-4692
2247 N. Halsted St., Room 145

Assigned Academic Advisor For:
Grad Clinical Mental Health Counseling (last names L-Z)
Grad & Ugrd Secondary Education (BA/BS Double Major) 
Grad & Ugrd Secondary Biology
Grad & Ugrd Secondary Chemistry
Grad & Ugrd Secondary English
Grad & Ugrd Secondary Environmental Science
Grad & Ugrd Secondary History
Grad & Ugrd Secondary Math
Grad & Ugrd Secondary Physics
Grad & Ugrd Secondary Social Science
Grad & Ugrd Secondary Visual Art
TEACH program
Undergrad Early Childhood

Kevin McCann
Kevin McCann
Academic Advisor
(773) 325-4156
2247 N. Halsted St., Room 144

Assigned Academic Advisor For:
Grad Elementary Education 
Grad Middle Grades
Grad School Counseling
Undergrad Elementary Education
Undergrad Exercise Science (General)
Undergrad Exercise Science (Pre-Physical Therapy)
Undergrad Middle Grades
Undergrad Physical Education
Undergrad Undecided 

Brandon Washington
Brandon Washington
Academic Advisor / Licensure Officer
(773) 325-7495
2247 N. Halsted St., Room 149

Assigned Academic Advisor For:
AUSL (principal)
Doctoral Programs (Ed.D and Ph.D.)
Undergrad World Language Education

Sandra Tanksley
Sandra Tanksley
Academic Advising Assistant
(773) 325-7210
2247 N. Halsted St., Room 153