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Online Learning Resources

We are sure that the move to an online format caused a flurry of emotions ranging from confusion and worry to possibly excitement or fear. While we are uncertain as to what the future holds, we want to assure you that we at the College of Education are here to support you in any way possible. We are all in this together.

Student Success at DePaul, a unique collaboration between Academic and Student Affairs, has crowd-sourced tips from students, faculty and staff to help you succeed as an online student.

The Center for Teaching and Learning has put together a video of student leaders from DePaul offering practical tips for succeeding as online students to their peers.

The College of Education's own Academic Success Center is available to help you with any difficulties you may be experiencing due to the transition to online learning.

The College of Education has also put together some helpful advice that we’ve compiled to help you achieve success while learning online.

Share what is working!

Finally, as a way to continually improve the learning experience for our students, we are compiling a list of student-sourced online teaching recommendations and best practices to share with our faculty. If one of your professors has been doing something during this online learning experience that you have found helpful, please let us know!

  • Do you appreciate that she leaves the Zoom meeting open after class for a few minutes so that you can connect with classmates?
  • Does he use an online teaching tool in a particularly effective way?
  • Is there a benefit to online learning that you didn't expect?

Whatever it is, please fill click on the link below and tell us about it. We will be sharing these submissions anonymously with our faculty and staff.

 Best Practices Form