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Reading Specialist Program Testimonials

"My education at DePaul has provided the tools and resources for me to be at the forefront of the 21st century educational practices. Although I graduated five years ago, I continue to utilize the knowledge I gained in the DePaul Education and Counseling Center. In my classroom, I see the educational practices I learned at DePaul benefiting my struggling students day after day, year after year."
Amy, alumna, speech and language pathologist

"Last year was my first year teaching a first grade class and I felt ill-prepared. I had a classroom full of students who had serious reading needs, and I didn't know what I was doing. This program has completely changed my life. I leave class thinking now I know what to do to assess my students' needs, and I am so excited to do that strategy or lesson with my student."
Larissa, DePaul student, first grade teacher

"Now that I am finishing my master’s in the Reading Specialist program, I cannot say enough about my experiences at DePaul. The professors are wonderful, knowledgeable, and helpful. I have gained so much knowledge through my classes, and I can transfer the new information I learn to my teaching practices. I feel very well prepared to assume the role of a Reading Specialist."
Lindsay, DePaul student, reading specialist

"As I worked with struggling high school-age readers over the past five years, I grew increasingly aware of my need for a different set of instructional tools to help these students achieve reading success. Through DePaul's Reading Specialist program, I have not only acquired an immense wealth of knowledge in how to better assess and address the needs of my current students, but also I have gained a great deal of confidence in my abilities to be a future student advocate, school-wide leader, and promoter of positive change."
Rachel, alumna, 9th and 10th grade language arts teacher

"I chose DePaul University because of its well-rounded program that includes courses in reading research, working with struggling readers, and clinical, hands-on experience in the Family Lab. As a current Reading Specialist, I am now applying what I learned at DePaul to assist teachers with Response to Intervention, teach best practices in the classroom, choose appropriate, research-based curricula, and use formal and informal assessments to guide instruction for struggling readers."
Amber, alumna, reading specialist

"I chose the Reading Specialist program at DePaul because as a first grade teacher I witness my students develop into readers. As a result, I wanted to better understand the process of learning to read and how I could help my students become the best readers they can be. The coursework enhanced my knowledge by providing me with professional resources that I continue to use in my classroom to plan and teach lessons, and I have been able share with my colleagues new approaches and resources that enhance their teaching practice."
Bridget, alumna, first grade teacher

"As a special educator, I felt that I knew a lot about managing behavior, writing and reporting paperwork, and creating a structured teaching environment; however, I always questioned whether I was using the most effective strategies to teach reading. Through this program, I have learned how to teach students with varying abilities in a variety of content areas. I have been able to program for my individual students, as well as work with my colleagues so students with reading deficits are given the opportunity to participate in their general education classroom as much as possible."
Emily, DePaul student, special education teacher

"The beauty of this program is how practical it is. The content is engaging, meaningful, and helpful to those at the beginning of their teaching careers, or those who want to continue their education. I appreciate the collaborative and comfortable learning environment and cannot wait to learn more. I feel like a special educator sponge!"
Hilary, DePaul student, special education teacher