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​DePaul alum share their experiences in Catholic Education

  • jake

    Jake LaForge

    An Educational Leadership alum, worked for five years in the South Loop at Old St. Mary’s School as an administrator before taking on his current position as principal at Holy Angels School on University of Dayton’s campus this spring. During his time at Old St. Mary’s, he gained experience in various roles: assistant principal, high school prep coordinator, athletic director, and teacher. LaForge most enjoyed the Educational Leadership Program’s emphasis on practice—not just theory—and that the program also focused on more than basic leadership skills. He found lessons taught in his courses are very applicable to the professional responsibilities of school leaders. He adds that the curriculum also provided a focus on real leadership and maintaining a positive culture in schools. Beyond the program’s curriculum, he credits the sincerity of the faculty for creating an outstanding environment and culture at DePaul. LaForge has contacted Educational Leadership faculty members many times during the last several years seeking career advice, and they were readily available to meet with him in person and provide advice and assistance. LaForge says, “The personal touch and connection from my professors is what meant the most to me.”

  • mary

    Mary Rose Guerin

    Was responsible for curriculum and teacher development at Josephinum Academy before becoming a principal. In her current role as principal, she works with her principal’s team, overseeing the entire curricular and extra-curricular programming at the academy. For Guerin, the most rewarding aspect of being a leader is the chance to foster leadership and growth among administrators, teachers and students. The most challenging side of leading her school is striking a balance with all her responsibilities. In order to achieve this balance, she makes a special effort to include these events in her schedule. She attributes a sense of authenticity within a community to the confidence of the leadership of an institution. This idea is in line with what Guerin appreciates the most about the Educational Leadership Program: the emphasis on cultivating leaders committed to mission. As a result of her experience in the program, she has grown into a mission-driven leader.

  • kevin

    Kevin Powers

    Was recently named Superintendent of Catholic Community Schools (which consists of over 8 metro schools in St. Cloud, MN), originally began teaching third grade at Alphonsus Academy & Center for the Arts. While teaching at Alphonsus Academy, he was introduced to the DePaul Community. Knowing he wanted to further his education, Powers applied and was awarded a scholarship from the Big Shoulders Fund to attend DePaul University’s Educational Leadership program. One year into the program, Powers accepted the Principal position at St. Margaret of Scotland. These career transitions allowed him to apply newly obtained knowledge to everyday practice. He believes that DePaul prepared him to lead effectively. DePaul University’s Educational Leadership program greatly impacted Kevin Powers’ education and career. He benefited from class discussions along with the opportunity to share his own experiences. Powers also learned from his classmates, who were mission-driven, “whole school” oriented people. Throughout his coursework, DePaul professors pushed Powers to think as a leader and to be conscientious of the kind of imprint one can make on a school community.