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Major Requirements

Course/Competency Requirements

Lifelong Learning

12 competencies satisfied by SNL and COE courses, approved transfer courses, and/or proficiency exams.  Included in this area are COE clinical courses and a student teaching course.

Liberal Learning

26 competencies in four categories. Competencies are satisfied by SNL and COE courses, equivalent transfer courses, and/or documented college-level learning from experience. All Education course grades must be C or better and course grades for SNL competencies must be C- or better.​

Arts & Ideas Category

3 COE courses, 5 SNL competencies

Human Community Category

3 COE courses, 5 SNL competencies

Scientific World Category

2 COE courses, 6 SNL competencies

Advanced Elective Category

2 SNL competencies

Focus Area

12 competencies satisfied through 10 COE courses and a SNL competence

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