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Middle School Mathematics Education (MS)

In a world that depends on science and technology, mathematics is the foundation for progress, problem-solving and sound decision-making. Today's math teachers must be prepared to teach more than the basics - they must be knowledgeable about math content and able to capitalize on students' curiosity, promote discovery, offer exciting problems to solve and encourage analysis and higher-level thinking.

The Middle School Mathematics Education (MSME) master's degree program, jointly offered by the College of Science and Health and the College of Education, offers currently licensed teachers the opportunity to extend both their mathematics knowledge and their pedagogical skills. It is designed for teachers who want to inspire their students to see themselves as powerful learners of mathematics.

Graduates work as more effective math teachers in urban and suburban, public and private schools, with an emphasis on middle schools. Since the need for effective math teachers is worldwide, career opportunities are plentiful.

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Degree Requirements

Master of Science (MS)​


The MSME master's degree program leads to a middle school mathematics endorsement, which can be added to an Illinois teaching license.

Program Structure

The MSME master's degree program is designed to be a cohort program, with groups of teachers taking the same courses together in the same order. All classes meet in the evening to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.

Program Requirements

The MSME program includes 12 classes (48 quarter hours) in mathematics and mathematics education.