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Programs and Events

Tutoring and Academic Services

Give your child the help they require to succeed in the classroom and beyond

Whether your child could use some assistance in a particular subject, need help building study skills, or are having reading difficulties and you want a formal assessment, our one-on-one services will be tailored to give your child the support they need.

Is your student struggling in a particular subject, having trouble completing homework, or having difficulty with the transition to eLearning?

The Education & Counseling Center at DePaul University is offering remote tutoring and homework help for grade-school and high-school students. Scheduling is flexible. Typical subjects include math, social studies, reading/English, science, etc...

Depending on demand we may have a waitlist when you contact us, but we will do our best to get your child going as soon as possible.

Reading is important. We can help!

Literacy assessment and remediation services are provided through the DePaul College of Education Literacy and Specialized Instruction program. DePaul graduate students, obtaining an endorsement as Reading Specialists, meet with children and teens with identified reading difficulties. Sessions vary in length based on the academic quarter, course offering and student's age.

Curriculum-based measures are used to monitor student's progress on a weekly basis. At the end of the session, a written report detailing the instructional interventions used and student's progress is provided. Parents are asked to commit to the entire practicum schedule.