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Dean's Corner

Dean Paul Zionts

I’m frequently reminded of the indisputable truth behind the well-known African proverb, “It takes a village to raise a child.” Teachers, counselors, administrators and parents understand the teamwork required to raise our students to meet the demands of their professions and adult lives. In the College of Education (COE), I often witness our experienced students guiding newer members of our family. I am inspired by the connections within our village. Together, we grow.

When I talk with alumni, I am struck by their positive reactions to the good work being done in the college. Our graduates are not merely impressed, they also are eager to learn ways they can become involved. Our alumni continue to be a critical component of our community, whether by mentoring students, lending a hand in our offices and centers, providing career counseling, sharing industry knowledge or connecting us with fundraising opportunities.

For example, our alumni work with our centers and initiatives to provide resources and positive learning experiences to our students. They help organize and facilitate experts to act as speakers. They brainstorm ways we can further support Catholic school teachers. They share how to market creative endeavors. Recently, graduates worked with Associate Professor Joby Gardner and his innovative Lift as You Climb program to coach our students on how to develop community projects from concepts to reality. (See the story in the fall 2018 issue.) Through the Office of Innovative Professional Learning, our alumni have even traveled to China to help demonstrate our methods for teaching science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics (STEAM) subjects.

As the alumni in this issue will tell you, staying connected with your college benefits you, too. You can expand your professional network. You can learn about and discuss new trends and techniques. You can brainstorm solutions to problems you face in your classroom or your workplace. More than one graduate has told me, “The more involved I get, the more I gain.”

I invite you to return to the college and take part in the exciting work we are doing in counseling and education. Please reach out to us with any ideas that you think might have an impact on others. Contact us if you simply are looking for ways to become involved. If you would like to share your time, talents and experiences with our students, you are welcome here. There will always be a place for you in our village.