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Student Employment

Graduate Assistantships

The graduate assistant (GA) is an important part of the College of Education.

Graduate assistantships are opportunities for student educators to work closely with fa​culty members, to support on-going research efforts and to engage in on-going conversations regarding educational issues and research with faculty and other student colleagues.

Because graduate assistants generally work with and for several faculty members at once; they can expect broad-based exposure to the day-to-day workings of the College of Education within the context of university life.


Graduate assistants are appointed by each of the four departments in the College of Education. The number of appointments available for any given school year varies and is contingent upon the number of returning GAs from the previous year.


Interested applicants should APPLY ONLINE. Applications will be accepted beginning FEB. 1 of each year. Assistantships begin the following fall quarter. Application deadline is APRIL 15. Applicants must be current College of Education students or currently in the process of admittance. COE status should be noted in the application. 

Already submitted your application, and have questions? Find out who to contact.


A GA receives tuition remission for two (4 credit-hour) courses per quarter for three quarters: fall, winter and spring. Tuition remission must be used in the quarter in which it is awarded; it cannot be rolled over into future quarters or used during the summer.

In addition to tuition remission, a GA receives a stipend. For this position a GA should work 20 hours per week for each of the 10 regular weeks during the quarter (excluding finals week), not more than 200 hours per quarter, and no more than 600 hours between the fall, winter and spring quarters.


Departmental supervisors distribute work assignments, which may include the following: conducting literature reviews; collecting and analyzing data; copy editing or updating content of faculty papers for the purpose of research; carrying out initial journal searches; and providing assistance in writing grants and preparing articles. Graduate assistants may also be asked to perform limited copying and/or filing duties related to ongoing research activities.

Student Employment Positions

Each year, DePaul University students work on campus in almost every department. Students work in a variety of roles including web, research, communication, office administration and more. They act as an integral part of making the university run smoothly, while gaining skills that will help them in their future professional positions.

To inquire about student employment positions, visit the Office of Student Employment.​