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Weekly Updates

New This Week! September 19, 2016

Important add/drop dates

Autumn Quarter classes begin Wednesday, September 7, 2016
The last day to add or swap classes for the Autumn Quarter is Tuesday, September 13, 2016 The last day to drop classes with no penalty (100% tuition refund if applicable and no grade on transcript) is Tuesday, September 20, 2016.

For more important university dates check out the Academic Calendar! 

Welcome Week 

Don't miss out on any of the fun events during Welcome Week! Visit here​ to view the full calendar of events! ​

Mandatory Student Teaching Meetings! 

All student teaching candidates, undergraduate and graduate, who plan on student teaching in Autumn 2017 , Winter 2018 and Spring 2018 must attend a mandatory informational meeting before completing the initial application to student teach. These mandatory meetings will be offered at the Lincoln Park Campus. There are 2 more student teaching meetings offered. * *Please bring your DePaul student ID card with you.**

The specific dates, times, and locations for these meetings can be found here: 

Mandatory Student Teaching Meetings Fall 2017

Mandatory Student Teaching Meetings Winter 2018 and Spring 2018​​​

Ongoing Announcements

DePaul Diversity Series- LGBTQ Student Issues: How to Incorporate LGBTQ History and Acceptance for Students 

Tuesday, September 21th, 4-6pm, LPC Richardson Library, Rosati Room 300
This workshop allows COE students to hear from DePaul staff from the Center for Identity, Inclusion and Social Change regarding the history of LGBTQ community as well as strategies to support this specific student population. A current teacher and school counselor will be in attendance to do break-out sessions focusing on sample lesson plan and social emotional support. ​

New Education Minors and Endorsements 

Undergraduate students! Are you interested in learning more about special education, and/or receiving a special education endorsement?

There are a variety of options in the COE to help you meet those goals.

  1. LBS1 endorsement: This endorsement will be attached to your Professional Educator License, assuming you complete the required course work and pass ISBE's LBS1 Content Test. The endorsement consists of 18 credit hours. learn more here:
  2. Special Education Minor: This minor is available for students who want to deepen their knowledge of special education beyond the 18 credits necessary for the LBS1 endorsement. Completing the Special Education Minor will also make you eligible for the LBS1 endorsement. The minor consists of 26 credit hours. Learn more here:
  3. Exceptionality and Learning: This minor is available for students who want to learn about special education from theoretical and applied perspectives. This 20 credit hour minor does NOT lead to the LBS1 endorsement from ISBE. Learn more here:

2016-2017 COE Fall Scholarships

Scholarship applications open August 15, 2016, and are due September 30, 2016.

Log on to to apply. 

Visit for a complete list of COE scholarships and the application calendar for the 2016-2017 academic year. 

Mandatory Student Teaching Meetings! 

All student teaching candidates, undergraduate and graduate, who plan on student teaching in Autumn 2017 , Winter 2018 and Spring 2018 must attend a mandatory informational meeting before completing the initial application to student teach. These mandatory meetings will be offered at the Lincoln Park Campus. There are 2 more student teaching meetings offered. * *Please bring your DePaul student ID card with you.**

The specific dates, times, and locations for these meetings can be found here: 

Mandatory Student Teaching Meetings Fall 2017

Mandatory Student Teaching Meetings Winter 2018 and Spring 2018

New Course this Fall!---WGS 215- Gender and Education

Dr. Tamara Hoff

This course examines gender as a social construct and its meaning within the context of educational institutions, its implications for teaching and learning, and organizational practices that may oppress and/ or empower groups or individuals. Emphasis is given to social forces within the larger society that affect education and schooling, sex-stereotyping and gender bias; teacher behaviors; attitudes, practices, and expectations; student motivation and achievement; principles of non-sexist education; gender bias in settings outside of schools; current issues in the media and popular culture; and ways in which gender bias and sexism interact with other forms of prejudice, inequity and oppression. 

If you are interested in enrolling in this course, please contact your academic advisor. To find your academic advisor visit here. 

DePaul Launches Off-Campus Housing Service

DePaul has officially launched its University off-campus housing service:

Search off-campus housing listings, potential roommates, furniture and more! 

Host-Home Program of DePaul USA for DePaul University students facing Homelessness

DePaul USA, a national homeless service organization, launched the Dax Host-Home Program Spring/Summer 2015 to assist DePaul University students confronting homelessness.

The "Host-Home" model is a best practice that provides an alternative to the shelter system. Volunteers open their homes to homeless DePaul University student for an academic term (12 weeks). Both the student and the volunteer hosts go through a screening and training process facilitated by the Dax Program Coordinator.

The program gives temporary housing and provides case management at St. Vincent Outreach Center to help students pursue  their dreams and goals and to explore issues that contribute to their homelessness.

Please click here for further information.

Contact info:
Sister Judy Warmbold,DC
Program Coordinator
Shenay Bridges 
Assistant Dean of Students, Community Resources

Fr. Patrick McDevitt, CM, PhD
Associate Professor, College of Education

CPS Background Check 

In order to complete field experience within the Chicago Public Schools, students must complete a two-step process. Field experience includes any students completing observations, pre-clinical hours, practicum experiences and any PRE-student teaching experiences in CPS schools. Field experience is NOT the same as student teaching clearance. 

To get a Background Check there are two steps that must be followed:

1. Registration Form ~ Visit this website and click on Field Experience Program to access the online registration form. Complete the online form. Please enter Kate Liston as the name of the Coordinator of Field Experiences. Please put 773-325-7768 for the telephone number of the Coordinator of Field Experiences.

2. Criminal Background Check form ~ Visit this website and click on Field Experience Program for the CPS Fingerprinting Form. Print the form and take it to the Accurate Biometrics Office closest to you. You can find the locations by going to the Accurate Biometrics website. Put the receipt that you will receive from Accurate Biometrics in a safe place. You will need it in case any questions should arise.

After your livescan fingerprints are completed, Accurate Biometrics will send your fingerprints to the Illinois State Police and to the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Once your fingerprints have been cleared, the ISP and the FBI will send the clearance to Accurate Biometrics. Accurate Biometrics will send the clearance to CPS. CPS will then send you an e-mail with your Approval Notice form attached. This will take at least two weeks to be processed. The Approval Notice is valid for all of your field experiences until it is time to Student Teach. When you are getting ready to student teach, you will go through the process one more time

Please contact Kate Liston at  if you have any questions about background checks and/or Student Teaching

Nominations for Excellence in Teaching Award- College of Education

Purpose: Teaching is at the core of what faculty members do at DePaul University. In support of the University’s affirmation of the teaching mission, the Quality of Instruction Council presents annual University Excellence in Teaching Awards. These awards recognize outstanding and significant achievement in teaching and commitment to the teaching mission. 

Eligibility: All of College of Education tenure-track faculty members who teach at least three degree-credit courses at DePaul during an academic year and have completed at least three full years of teaching at DePaul at the time of the award (autumn following the nomination) are eligible for consideration. 

Who May Nominate: Students, faculty, and staff members in the College of Education 

When You May Nominate:  Nominations will be accepted at any time during the year. You are encouraged to nominate faculty members from the College of Education now for the annual award. 


  • Nominations should be typed in letter form and signed, detailing reasons why the faculty member should be considered for the Excellence in Teaching Award.  
  • Nominations should be submitted to Sarah Magnuson, Executive Secretary of the Dean of the College of Education (either in person at the COE Building 203 or at )
  • Each letter should contain one faculty nomination per letter. However, you are allowed to submit more than one nomination letter. 

Two NEW Programs from the Department of Educational Policy Studies and Research (EPSR)

The minor in Educational Policy Studies is open to all undergraduate students in any major who want to explore educational thought, policy, and institutional practice broadly from a critical and interdisciplinary perspective. Coursework will examine education in relationship to such issues as globalization, the corporate political economy, human development, urbanization, poverty, and complex social relations and identities.

Please see attached flyer with information on our new COE minor in Educational Policy Studies.

For more information please contact Dr. Amira Proweller, EPSR Department Chair and Associate Professor.

The Graduate Certificate in Social and Cultural Foundations in Education is open to students in any field who want to complement their primary degree through interdisciplinary study of the foundations of education and educational policy. The certificate is an attractive option for students in teacher, administrator or counselor licensure programs within the College of Education and others with a broad interest in educational issues who are not professional educators who want to enhance their disciplinary knowledge and increase their marketability in the workforce.

Please see attached flyer with information on our new Graduate Certificate in Social and Cultural Foundations in Education. 

For more information please contact Dr. Amira Proweller, EPSR Department Chair and Associate Professor.

ESL and BE Minor

Please see attached flyer with information on our new COE minor in ESL and/or bilingual education. For more information please contact Dr. Jason Goulah, BBE Program Director or Dr. Sung Park-Johnson the ESL-BE Minor Director. For more information click here. 

The minor in ESL and/or bilingual education is an attractive option for students in education who are seeking teaching licensure.

The minor in ESL and/or bilingual education will make teacher candidates more marketable, with greater potential for employment due to the chronic teacher shortage in ESL and bilingual education. For students pursuing a major outside of education, but who are interested in teaching English abroad, teaching in bilingual schools abroad, or teaching ESL to adult immigrants in the US.

Assessment of Professional Teaching (APT) (Available through August 31, 2020)

In order to complete an educator preparation program, each candidate who has completed his or her student teaching by August 31, 2015 and is seeking his or her first Illinois professional educator license endorsed in a teaching field shall be required to pass the APT relevant to the endorsement sought (see Section 25.710).

Teacher Performance Assessment (TPA)

Beginning September 1, 2015, each candidate completing an educator preparation program in a teaching field shall be required to pass the TPA, except as otherwise provided in subsection (d) (see Section 21B-30(f) of the School Code). 

  • Each recognized institution offering approved teacher preparation programs shall administer the TPA during a candidate's student teaching experience.
  • A person who has successfully completed an evidence-based assessment of teacher effectiveness, as required under this subsection (e), at the time of initial certification or licensure in another state or country shall not be required to complete the TPA. (See Section 21B-35 of the School Code.)

Essentially, the APT licensure requirement is transitioning to the edTPA

Candidates seeking initial teacher licensure in Illinois are required to take and pass the edTPA rather than the APT if they:

  1. Completed an educator preparation program in Illinois but have not yet completed student teaching requirements as of September 1, 2015 
  2. Completed an educator preparation program out-of-state and applied for Illinois licensure on or after July 1, 2015.

In-state candidates who completed student teaching requirements prior to September 1, 2015 are required to pass the APT.  The APT test will be available through August 31, 2020.

APT vs. edTPA:  Common Questions and Answers

  1. Does an educator need to take the APT or the edTPA?
    In-state candidate:  If student teaching was completed by August 31, 2015, he/she needs to pass the APT.  The edTPA is required if student teaching will be  completed September 1, 2015 or after.
    Out-Of-State (OOS) educator:  If application was submitted before July 1, 2015, educator needs to pass the APT.  Applications on or after July 1, 2015: edTPA is required.
  2. Will educators get a refund for the APT they realize they need the edTPA instead?
    Refunds are handled through Pearson. Please contact ILTS Customer Service at


As part of ongoing efforts to continually improve the secondary education program there has been a small change in the timing of two Secondary Education program courses.

The following changes will be in effect starting Fall 2015:

    This course must be taken in conjunction with one of the content methods courses (SEC 371, SEC 372, SEC 373, SEC 374, SEC 365, SEC 366, TCH 471, TCH 472, TCH 473, TCH 474, T&L 465, T&L 466 OR SEC 381, SEC 382, SEC 383, SEC 385, TCH 481, TCH 482, TCH 483, TCH 484). Consult the DPR to confirm which of the content methods courses are required for your program. The program recommends that students take this course in conjunction with the first content methods course (SEC 371, SEC 372, SEC 373, SEC 374, TCH 471, TCH 472, TCH 473, TCH 474). Visual Arts majors can take the course with either SEC 365, SEC 366, T&L 465, or T&L 466. Previously, this course was recommended to be taken in conjunction with the second methods course).
    This course must be taken in conjunction with the second content methods course(SEC 381, SEC 382, SEC 383, SEC 385, TCH 481, TCH 482, TCH 483, TCH 484). Consult the DPR to confirm which of the content methods courses are required for your program. Visual Arts majors can take the course with either SEC 365, SEC 366, T&L 465, or T&L 466. (Previously, this course spanned two quarters and was taken in conjunction with both content methods courses).

edTPA: A New Requirement for All Teacher Education Students Beginning Fall 2015

Beginning Sept 1, 2015 there will be a new requirement for any individual seeking teaching licensure in the State of Illinois. This new requirement, the Teacher Performance Assessment (called “edTPA”) will become a requirement mandated by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) for anyone that completes their student teaching in Fall 2015 and beyond. It is an assessment conducted during the student teaching experience that will include video clips of instruction, lesson plans, student work samples, analysis of student learning and reflective commentaries. Students will submit an electronic portfolio to an outside agency for independent evaluation and a fee will be imposed by that agency as part of the assessment. The Department of Teacher Education is still determining the method for assisting students with this requirement and more information will follow. Although edTPA isn’t required for all students until Fall 2015, some programs will begin incorporating this new state requirement into programs to help students prepare.

Need assistance locating edTPA materials on the Digitation website? Click here!

Application Fee Increase January 1, 2015

Per School Code (21B-40), application fees for a Professional Educator License (PEL), Educator License with Stipulations (ELS) and Substitute License will increase to $100.00 on January 1, 2015. Please also note that the application fee for a provisional endorsement on an ELS remains $150.00 and that the application fee for an endorsement remains $50.00.

(105 ILCS 5/21B-40)/p>Sec. 21B-40. Fees.

(a) Beginning with the start of the new licensure system established pursuant to this Article, the following fees shall be charged to applicants:

  1. A $75 application fee for a Professional Educator License or an Educator License with Stipulations and for individuals seeking a Substitute Teaching Li cense. However, beginning on January 1, 2015, the application fee for a Professional Educator License, Educator License with Stipulations, or Substitute Teaching License shall be $100.
  2. A $150 application fee for individuals who have completed an approved educator preparation program outside of this State or who hold a valid, comparable credential from another state or country and are seeking any of the licenses set forth in subdivision (1) of this subsection (a).

Volunteer and Job Opportunities

​Part-Time Job Opportunity with iCOOK 

Pay: $50/hour
iCOOK is looking for energetic people to teach cooking classes for kids in an elementary classroom setting. 
Teacher Responsibilities and qualifications: 
  • Manage Classes: maintain an organized and ordered class
  • Teach lessons
    • Ability to relate well with children 
    • Ability to make cooking class fun! 
    • Purchase groceries for the class (will be reimbursed for expenses)
    • Prepare 2-3 simple (but healthy and delicious) recipes with kids each class.  (all materials and recipes are provided)
  • Communication
    • Be responsive to emails from Main Office
    • Answer questions that parents might have
To apply, please submit resume and your availability from 2:00pm-5:00pm on weekdays to call us at 773-706-2057 or 773-520-1686 with any questions
For more information about this program, visit here:​ 

Graduate Assistant- Campus Activities 

Reporting to the Program Coordinator for Campus Activities, the graduate assistant for campus activities is responsible for co-advising  the DePaul Activities Board and other campus-wide programming efforts. The graduate assistant will directly work with students in an advising setting on a weekly basis both on an individual basis and in a group. The graduate assistant must be able to balance advising students while coordinating multiple events throughout a quarter. This is a ten month position. 

For a full description please click here.​ 

Chicago Lights Tutoring and Mentorship Program 

The Chicago Lights Tutoring and Mentorship Program is currently looking for Volunteer Tutors.  Celebrating its 52nd year of service, Chicago LightsTutoring provides academic support to children living in under-resourced neighborhoods on the near north and west sides of Chicago. Each year, 400 children in the 1st-12th grades are enrolled in the Tutoring Program and need an adult volunteer to encourage success through homework assistance and personal development. You can find out more by visiting here:​

Tutor Positions- Frog Tutoring

Frog Tutoring is a local tutoring company that provides personalized private tutoring at an affordable rate. They are looking to hire Psychology students to work not just as tutors, but also as mentors to students in the Chicago Community. 

Benefits: Minimum pay of $30 per session, but tutor chooses which grade level and subjects to tutor, as well as having the opportunity to create their own schedule, get driving compensation, periodic bonus and referral bonus. 

Teacher/Aide for a 4 year old with physical challenges 

Monday-Friday 8:00am-12:00pm 
  • Bachelor's degree or minimum of 2-3 years of experience in school required. 
  • Knowledge of child development, curriculum differentiation, executive functioning, and positive behaviors support and/or willingness to learn.
  • Candidates with a background in child development, early childhood/ elementary education and/or special education desired. 
  • Must be able to lift 30 lbs easily.
This position is primarily for volunteer, resume building experiences, but does have a stipend per semester available. Interested candidates can contact Lynn Persin at

Saint Luke Academy- Morning Teacher

Saint Luke Academy is seeking a morning teacher for Monday, Wednesday and Fridays from 8:00am-Noon (10.5 hours a week).  This is for a three year old "bridge-like program" with a class no greater than 10 students.

Interested candidates can contact Donna Beck (​​

Cardenas School in CPS- Special Education Resource Position

Cardenas School in CPS is looking for a Special Education Resource Position in grades K-3. 
Interested candidates can contact Jeremy Feiwell 

Target New Transtitions (TNT)

TNT is a high school freshmen intervention focused on reducing the nation's drop out statistics while simultaneously providing meaningful community-based employment for highly qualified college students. TNT offers incoming high school freshmen the academic, social and emotional support they need to matriculate to college or productive workforce employment. 

TNT offers highly qualified college students an opportunity to earn money as they share their time and talents with freshmen in large urban high schools. As a whole, TNT empowers both sets of students through homework support and the meaningful relationships that are created during Saturday morning study sessions over a course of an academic year. 
For more information visit here:​ 
Interested candidates can contact Lucy Bryan: 

Cooperative Education Position- STEM Teaching 

​Argonne National Laboratory, one of the U.S Department of Energy's (DOE) major research centers, is pleased to announce opportunities for college and university undergraduates students to participate in the Laboratory's ongoing projects. 

Click here​ for more information! 

Infant Classroom Assistant Teacher- Lakeview Preschool

Hours: 2:00pm-6:00pm
Experience: Looking for someone with infant experience. ECE credits are preferred, but not required. 
*Must have a warm and bubbly personality that is hard working and able to communicate well to parents. 
Pay: Hourly 
Interested candidates can send resume and cover letter to Sarah Betzold. 

Nixon Elementary School- Co-Teach Special Education Teacher

Nixon Elementary, located at 2121 N. Keeler Ave is seeking a Special Education teacher for grades 4-5. 
All interested candidates can contact Sherly Chavarria (

Big Shoulders Fund Teacher Development Program 

Are you interested in teaching at an inner-city Chicago Catholic school? The Big Shoulders Fund is looking for passionate, charismatic and mission-driven future teachers to join their program! 
For more information visit here. 

​Project Boost- Volunteer Opportunity 

​Project Boost is a program created to provide one-on-one reading intervention to struggling readers in grades K-2. During a thirty minute block, volunteers follow a series of reading and writing activities that are designed for students who need a little "boost". They are in need of volunteers who are looking to gain experience in reading intervention and instruction. As the year begins, they will create a schedule that works best with the student's classroom reading block, however, the program is usually held three days a week during a two hour block. 

Interested candidates can contact Phoebe Cahan (​

Guerin Prep- Chemistry Teacher

Guerin Prep is in need of a Chemistry Teacher to begin in January. Interested candidates can contact Karen Booth (​​

Ryder Math and Science Teaching Positions

​​Open positions for all grade levels and endorsements, including special needs classrooms. Interested candidates can email their resume to Aaron Rucker (​

Student Board Members Needed

WHO: New student board members needed beginning AQ16​

WHAT: Gain experience upholding DePaul University's academic integrity policy by participating as a voting member of the Academic Integrity Board. 

WHEN: Friday during Autumn, Winter, Spring Quarters

WHERE: Lincoln Park & Loop campuses- alternate week to week 

PROCESS: Each hearing panel consists of three faculty and two student board members. 

Interested candidates can contact Peggy Schultz (​

Irwin W. Steans Center- Fulltime Coordinator Position

The Steans Center is pleased to announce an opening for a fulltime Coordinator.

Student Development Program Coordinator Summary

Reporting to the Assistant Director for Academic Service Learning (ASL), the Student Development Program Coordinator is charged with developing Community-based service learning (CbSL) courses and relationship building with campus and community partners and colleagues on the ASL team. In addition, the Program Coordinator supports the development, implementation, and evaluation of ASL's student development efforts and serves as the point person for the coordination of the Service Learning Coordinators (SLC) and Administrative Assistants.

To apply visit here:​es/default.aspx​

Graduate Assistant for Vincentian Community Service, University Ministry

The Leadership Scholarship Graduate Assistant (GA) position assists with the overall management of a leadership scholarship program (DePaul Leadership Scholars-DeLS), coordinated by the Vincentian Community Service Office and University Ministry. The GA also assists with additional duties in the office as needed. 
For a full position description visit here. 

Nanny/Babysitting Opportunities

If you are interested in becoming a nanny or a babysitter please email Sandra Tanksley atstanksle@depaul.edufor more information.


DePaul Teacher's Forum

Saturday, October 22nd 10:00am-1:00pm, Cortelyou Commons
Annual COE event that includes a key note speaker, topic round tables, resume reviews and mock interviews. 
To RSVP visit here: 
All questions can be directed to Jen Fleming ​​

College of Education Fall Forum 

The Challenge of Teaching in a Racially and Politically Polarized Time 
Tuesday, October 25th, 2016
Lincoln Park Student Center Room 314 AB 

Our panelists will address the complex issues faced by teachers struggling to help students make sense of the current tumultuous environment: the heated rhetoric around race, immigration and xenophobia in the 2016 election, the police killings of black men and women here in Chicago and throughout the country, the targeted killings of police in Dallas and Baton Rouge, and the debates around the Black Lives Matter movement. What are the challenges of these developments for teachers and what are the different types of ways that educators meet these challenges? 

The panelists will offer ideas about how teachers can create a safe space in their classrooms to discuss these issues where multiple views are respected, where student experienced are explored andvalidated, and where current events can be put in historical perspective. 

Horace Hall will present introductory remarks and moderate the panel. 
Panelists include: 
  • Liz Robbins, Social Science teacher, Lindbloom High School; Civic Instructional Specialist for Chicago Public Schools
  • Mario Perez, Coordinator and Social Science teacher, the Newcomer Center, Township High School District 214, Arlington Heights 
  • Johnae Strong, Elementary school teacher and resorative justice coordinator for Chicago Public Schools
After the panel, the audience will participate in small group facilitated discussions to explore these issues in greater depth. 

3 CPDUs will be offered. For more information and to R.S.V.P., contact Diane Horwitz at 

DePaul University's Student Affairs Assessment Symposium 

​​The Division of Student Affairs will host their 5th Annual Student Affairs Assessment Symposium on Friday, October 21st, from 9:30am-12:00pm, in the Lincoln Park Student Center. Room 120AB. 

The program is divided into tow parts. During the fi​rst half of the program, attendees will have the opportunity to walk around, look at the different assessment project posters, and speak with department representatives about their projects. During the second half of the program, we will convene as a group for roundtable discussions, comments from the Vice President of Student Affairs, and a brief presentation synthesizing what we have learned about assessment and the co-curricular learning experiences facilitated by the Division of Student Affairs. 

If you are interested in attending, please RSVP by October 17th using the following link:

 Homework Help & Tutoring

The Education & Counseling Center at DePaul University is offering weekly tutoring and homework help for grade-school and high-school students. Scheduling is flexible dependent on your needs. Typical subjects include math, social ​studies, reading/ English science, etc. **Free for DePaul University Students**

For more information visit here! ​

To register, call 773-325-7745 or email :​​​​

Counseling Services​​

DePaul University provides affordable counseling services to the public on the Lincoln Park Campus at the COE Building (2247 N. Halsted Ave.) 

Graduate students under the supervision of licensed professionals conduct counseling sessions for individuals, couples and groups.

The DePaul Education & Counseling Center offers a safe, confidential environment for adults, children, couples, and families in search of personal counseling and support. Fees are assessed on an affordable, low- cost sliding-scale basis. No one is excluded due to inability to pay. 

For more information please call 773-325-7745 or email ​​​​

Zoho Chat: Can't get through the phone lines? Go online and chat with us! ​