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Social and Cultural Foundations in Education (MA/MEd)

Education has never been limited to the classroom - it is a powerful and dynamic social, cultural and political force. Education challenges assumptions of race, ethnicity, gender, class and sexual difference. It is an indispensable tool not only for shaping identities but also for enabling social justice and democratic life. In addition to K-12 teachers and administrators, professionals from fields such as media, not-for-profit organizations, foundations, museums and community organizations are continually educating employees, students, patrons and the public.

The two-year master's degree program in Social and Cultural Foundations in Education (SCFE) prepares versatile professionals to be more effective educators in schools, hospitals, businesses, associations, community and civic agencies and museums. The program offers insights into the values and beliefs that affect people's cognitive and emotional judgments and actions, as well as the pedagogical and cultural conditions that help people flourish and redefine our engagement in social life. It is designed for those who want to enhance their personal and professional lives, develop skills in research, or prepare for future doctoral work in educational policy studies or other educational fields, social sciences and humanities.

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Degree Requirements

Master of Arts (MA) or Master of Education (MEd)​


Students seeking the SCFE master's degree have the option to also pursue Illinois initial or subsequent teaching licensure. Licensure requires 20-25 quarter hours of additional coursework depending on the type of licensure sought and student teaching requirements.

Program Format

To accommodate working professionals, the SCFE program core courses meet on weekday evenings at DePaul's Lincoln Park campus. Elective courses required as part of the program are available face-to-face, online, or in a hybrid online/on-campus format (depending on the course). In addition, the program's schedule is flexible, allowing students to attend full-time or part-time as their professional and personal schedules allow.

Program Requirements

The SCFE master's degree program includes 48 quarter hours of coursework that is comprised of both a set of core courses in Social and Cultural Foundations in Education and Research Inquiry and a set of electives that students select in consultation with program faculty. Students who opt to earn the MA complete a thesis; students who opt to earn the MEd complete a capstone paper.